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model launches . digital + social

It's been fun making thumb-stopping, eye-catching stuff for the German goliath of cars. 


"skip reading"
the 1st audio catalogue with Google Home

tiguan - launch 

tech innovation + digital OOH + social media 

Technology and innovation keep our lives exciting. And the Passat's got both. 


Role: Concept + Scripts 

Art Director: Joaquin Aubele, Ryan Leckie 

Creative Directors: Matthias Preuß, Jakob Eckstein,
Julijus Rebic, Roman Jonsson


"skip dark streets" - digital OOH
try the Ambient Light feature yourself to light up the city


"skip usual influencers"
the Tiguan takes over VW's Insta channel 

"skip still stories" - Insta story
tap to turn on the Ambient Light feature in the car

"skip unpersonal" - digital OOH
see yourself driving the Tiguan in its latest ad 

"Busy in a frame" Insta story 

"From the wall" Insta story 

"Zoom in" Insta story 

passat - launch

social media 

The smart, intuitive Passat lets you feel free to be busy with everything life throws at you. 

Here are some highlights. 


Role: Concepts + Copy 

Copy: John Speer
Art Director: Joaquin Aubele, Ryan Leckie

Creative Directors: Julijus Rebic, Roman Jonsson 

00_FB 3.png

Click to read some Facebook and Insta posts! 

"Busy 360" Interactive Insta story

"3 Perspectives" Insta story 


up! GTI - Instagram story ad 


"3 taps to up!grade" - e-up! Insta story

up! - digital launch 

social media 

In need of an up!grade? The Volkswagen up! line's got your back. We created a digital-first campaign for our young, urban audience.

Here's just a taste. 


Role: Concept + Copy 

Art Director: Hella Fekete

Creative Directors: Roman Jonsson, Julijus Rebic 

up! Youtube bumper ad 

"Swipe to up!grade" up! Insta story 

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